Attempting The Impossible

Artwork by Rene Magritte. Chosen by Kai-Ching Chang for Bait/Switch.

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The First of Y:

'Attempting the Impossible' by Rene Magritte

“I feel that it’s more like the perfection from the man who is painting her.”

Music Director Kai-Ching Chang

Interview by L. Valena

Okay, so what did you choose to start this branch?

I can’t say it in French! The English name is “Attempting the Impossible” by Rene Magritte.

Tell me about the painting.

We had been talking about Surrealism, and so I looked into it again because I remembered really liking a lot of those paintings. This painting got my attention first, because I was actually really attracted to looking at the body of that woman. Wow, that’s a beautiful body. When I saw this painting, I just said wow. So beautiful. Then I noticed more details afterwards. He was painting the woman, and she doesn’t even have an arm yet. It’s kind of an interesting painting for me to start this project

What does the painting say to you?

I feel that it’s more like the perfection from the man who is painting her. That she’s beautiful, she has almost transparent skin, and a perfect body. But, what is the story behind her? Is it just the surface- that she’s a beautiful woman? Is he only thinking about her body and her physical appearance? What about her soul, or her spirit?

How do you think this painting relates to this project?

I think this is really interesting, and I really wasn’t thinking about it too much. This is Bait/Switch- I think anything can be an idea! It’s definitely because of the Surrealist connection.

Call Number: Y0VA | Y1VA.maAtte