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Max Havas

“It kind of feels like a shot of espresso when you listen to it.”

Interview by L. Valena


First, please describe what you responded to.

I responded to a 3D photo of a dark frame, with a door frame, and through the door frame was a bathroom. It was like a 3D bathroom, and in the doorway was a large red chess piece.

What was your first reaction?

I thought it was very noir, because of how dark it was, but also because it was just like this bathroom that just was like existing in space, and had no house attached to it! It was very interesting, and it made me think of those times you wake up from a nap and you don’t quite know if it’s day or night, and you feel a little unsettled… it was unsettling.

And how did you begin to translate those feelings into the music that you made?

I actually picked a sample from what I was listening to while I was first looking at the picture. It was a sample from a jazzy piano intro, and it seemed very noir and interesting, and it just kind of spit-balled from there.

And what happened next?

After I picked the sample, I used the chord progression from the sample with my own instruments, so eventually that kind of faded away and became its own thing. But I also wanted the drum beat to feel very pushed and impatient, I don’t know why, something about that bathroom. Listening to the song kind of makes me have to pee, it’s very get up and go. It kind of feels like a shot of espresso when you listen to it. I was just kind of thinking- what is the soundtrack to this film I’m trying to complete with this response?

How does this relate to the rest of your work?

I’ve never had the experience of creating work as a response like this, so this felt like a very useful exercise for me. And I don’t think it sounds like anything I’ve made before this- it’s a lot more trippy. Usually I work with acoustic instruments, and this time I started with a computer, everything was digital from the get go. The drums were synthetic. It’s pretty different from what I normally do, and that’s good I think. That’s the point of collaboration, you get pushed out of your comfort zone and have to do something different.

What do you have to say to the person who gets this piece?

I hope that whoever responds to this piece listens to it while they’re walking somewhere. I hope it helps them get to their next step quicker. Because when I listen to this piece, it makes me walk faster. And I usually don’t listen to my own music after it’s done, but this piece really does put a little spring in your step.

Call Number: M3VA | M6MU.haL


Max Havas is a musician and actor. His EP “The Rough Patch” was released last year. He currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.