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Open Call

 Call For art

The Exquisite Book v.1

Calling all visual artists!

This winter we have an assignment for you: make a work of art to appear in our flip-flap book.

What the hell is a flip-flap book?

It’s a genre of publishing generally reserved for children’s books, like this stunning example by Sarah Ball.

The compelling thing about this format is the interchangeability. You can make a mash-up of any part of any of the animals represented. It’s the ‘choose your own adventure’ of exquisite corpse drawings!

I’m pretty sure this tiny book is one of the best things I own, and I want to collaboratively create an original version of it with all of you. Let’s make this happen.

Excited to see what you come up with!

- Lucy V., Executive Director

How to participate

  1. You’ll need to follow a template in order to participate in this project. The glory of the flip-flap book is the fact that no matter what, the drawings line up. You can get a template by downloading the PSD or JPG files, or order a physical copy (traced in pencil on acid free mixed media paper) to be returned via snail mail.

  2. The drawing should stay within the points indicated on the two horizontal lines. This is the main challenge of this assignment- you’ve got this!

  3. Leave the background white- this will increase the continuity between artworks and make for a more interesting whole. The example drawings on this page are mostly black and white, but that’s just a coincidence- don’t be afraid to go full color!

  4. Don’t take this seriously- just jump in and make something weird.

  5. Give your drawing a name. Everything is better with a title, and a ‘modular sectional’ title will amplify the awesomeness of the finished product. We ask that you follow the following format for your title: “Adjective/Adjective/Noun”. For example, the drawing above might be entitled “Sleepy Manicured Mermaid”.

  6. Send your completed artwork to info@baitswit.ch before midnight on January 14th, 2019.