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Surgeon General’s Warning

Elijah Peterson

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Tales of the Bizarre #1

cody Van Winkle

“They needed to be conceptually different, and also look like an odd couple when you put rings on them.”

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coup de foudre @ narodni trida

Thibaut Camdessus

“It takes a lot of courage to step into what is essentially possibly another dimension.”

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The Lovers

Laura Campagna

“I think [stories] are medicine- a really ancient medicine, and I think that they’re how humans have always made sense of our experiences on earth.”

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Response To Cherry Quionoa Truffles

Julia Skinner

“If you’re offered the inability to contextualize it, how do you approach that food?”

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pg. 264

the woman’s eyes followed him

Jesse Caldwell

“I needed it to be specifically dreamy. “

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Fruit of Your Labor

Kelly Lenza

“What kinds of different labor are there?”

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Blade Made in the USA

Kelly Lenza

“I went with a blood orange, because they’re visually striking, and you have this weird gory juice that gets everywhere.”


Berry Sad

Ann Venezia

“I say I didn’t like them, but by the end of it, we became friends.”

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She’s Already Made of Plastic

Aiden K. Feltkamp

“Why do we give our attention to things that can’t benefit us and can’t benefit from our attention?”

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Chocolate Jams

Kimi Ceridon

“Maybe the mysterious part of the piece is where the bitterness is coming from.”


Our Lady of the Tutti Fruitti Hat

cody Van Winkle

“Some kind of like faux spiritual/fruit juice thing.”

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Queen of Cups

Disco Nap

“We started with the image to find the sounds, but then we went from the sounds to find the lyrics.”

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Holy Faux Flora

Olivia Hamilton

“I’ve never seen a fake flower that I thought was real!”


A Correspondence

Alison LaFrance

“It’s about experiencing a moment that felt kind of out of time, maybe a moment with something holy.”

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Citrus Bliss

Pedro Vituri

“The bliss of this grapefruit, and it’s dripping on my face, and I’m just so happy and so blissed out that I just do not care.”


Grapefruit Enhancement

Mairen Doyle

“There was a lot of viscerality and juxtaposition in the piece, and I thought I could make that almost hallucinatory.”

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Serrated Spoon

Stefanie Lubkowski

“Bitterness is supposed to be, objectively, an unpleasant experience.”

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Untitled (Grapefruit)

Ariel Knoebel

“Food can be used to connect us, to divide us, to help us cope with things, and separate us from each other and even from ourselves in some cases..”

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The first of C:


“... if a fruit can be underrepresented.”