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The Many FAced God

Blaine Bacchiocchi

“I sewed it together with this open stitch, so it looks even more gruesome.”

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Cold Warm

Zaccharie Charvolin

“You can’t make sense of anything, but it still fills you with emotions.”

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The Blue

William Hafferty

“I’ve always had a personal relationship with the ocean- I think everyone does.”

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The Honey Absence

Dan Guz man

“What will happen with the honey and all the other things that will be missing?”

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Flag of Bait and Switch

Fran Harrington

“Seems pretty tropical- a giant bird just chilling by the water.”

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Aliens Abduct Bee Population

Joe Kitsch

“... there seemed to be a pattern to the music, and even though I couldn’t pick it out, that didn’t mean it wasn’t there.”

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Taylor Torres

“I wanted to capture what it’s really like living here- it is beautiful, and it is strange and odd, and this stuff is just right around the corner at any given moment, and I think it’s a great thing.”

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Skull Friday

Sarah Waddle

“I wanted the tears to be very shiny and sparkly, because I think that sad moments can also be very beautiful.”


The Gulch

Joel Schenk

“Animals of different sizes tend to have naturally different life spans and presumably different time perspective.”

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“I did research about this Frau Troffea, and it’s not sure, but people think she was on LSD because she danced so much.”

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The Call of Frau Troffea

Morgan Fay

“It sounds all melodramatic when I bring religion into things.”

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Fire Flower Island, 1982

Cody VanWinkle

“I had to decide what Waluigi’s chest hair situation should be.”

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Silk Floss Tree

Rebecca Aranda

“It’s just an audacious tree.”

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Max Havas

“It kind of feels like a shot of espresso when you listen to it.”

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The Beginning

William Hafferty

“... a little bit of nostalgia kicked in there.”

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Pawn in their game

Blaine Bacchiocchi

“I think that I was adding something where it didn’t exist.”

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Astral Projection

Rezaul Haque

“Where do you do your thinking?”

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Raytraced Toilet

Ali Mohammad

“The Utah teapot is like the Wilhelm scream of 3D objects.”

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Untitled (Toilet)

John A Savoia

“I realized that it was not about the specific textures or signifiers of a bathroom, but it was kind of this vibe of a bathroom—a gross, 7-11 public bathroom that gives you an icky feeling.”

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The First of M:
The Scent of Bitter Almonds

“Marquez’s world is full of phenomena- it’s full of things to be studied, of life and beauty, and of terror.”