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Morning Blur

Pedro Vituri

“I could tell someone about this, but I wouldn’t really know how to explain it.”

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Love Letter

Ariel Knoebel

“I do think there is something very romantic about a laminated pastry.”

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Melody Attarha

“... if you’re going to travel, you have to find a way to make work while you travel! There’s never a perfect time. There’s never a day when you have nothing to do- there’s always some excuse.”

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“The rebirth process of it is all in that photo- that is the true me, right there.”

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Untitled (HPS)

John A. Savoia

“I just felt really intrigued by that concept, of this infinite number of hands, able to touch infinitely in such a short amount of time.”


Untitled (Pottery)

Jeremy Ogusky

“I thought about that layering in terms of clay.”



“It’s ocean, it’s water, so it’s blue. It’s pretty simple!”


Fish Ghost
Meghan Van Alstyne

“It kind of came together on its own, with a lot of that back research and concept running in the background.”

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The Passionate Shepherdess to Her Love

Natalie Stein

“...borders between the historical and the present are very fine, and not very solid..”

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Sea Levels in 1967;Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Evan King

“I wanted to make something that sounded like the ocean or an underwater environment, if you digitized it.”

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Flower Bread
Kimi Ceridon

“There were bread loaves hanging out there in the bushes, so there had to be bread of some kind.”

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Noah & Jovanny De Amor

The poissons

“What would be a good, fishy song for the very fishy piece that we’re making?”


Melanie Hardy

Our Lady of Bread and Roses

“This painting is really about transcending all that is put on you, but also making that stuff your own.”


Emily Thibodeau

The Diver

“And then I thought, if I were underwater, what would be the creepiest thing I could see?”



Kai-Ching Chang

“I wanted to make a piece that shows the contrast between the perspective of the man, and the woman, who is crying inside, ‘You don’t really see my inside beauty- just the outside.’”


The First of Y:

Attempting the Impossible

“I feel that it’s more like the perfection from the man who is painting her.”